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  • DOWNLOAD (509 Kb) After downloading .zips file rename the file to .zip
    and open it with any compression program


Press The HOME key on your Keyboard to view the trainer options and Info when you have launched the trainer ofcourse 🙂


F12 – Activate : Teleporter:    – Self explained I hope

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Numpad 0 – Store Position Numpad 2 – Teleport

Numpad 3 – Undo Teleport

Numpad 1 – Infinite Stamina – Stamina wont run out

Numpad 4 – No Reload    – You dont have to reload your weapons anylonger

Numpad 5 – Infinite Granadcs – Infinite amount of Granadcs

Numpad 6 – Rappid Fire    – Will make you shoot faster

Numpad 7 – Infinite Health – Enemys can not kill you

Numpad 8 – One Hit Kill    – Kills Enemys In One Hit

Numpad 9 – Infinite Ammo – Gives you and infinite amount of Ammo

Add – Super Speed Player    – Enables you the player only to move super fast

Substract – Slowmotion Player – This makes the player move in slowmotion

Multiply – Slowmotion Enemys – This makes the enemys move in slowmotion

Devlde – Freeze Enemys    – This will freeze all enemys

F1 – Insane Mode    – well only one way to find out. Select it in game

f2 – Freeze Timers    – This will freeze all timers

f3 – Infinite AP Points    – This will give you loots of Alpha Points

f5 – Have Zero – Enemys Killed Total    – This will set stats to 0 Kills

f6 – Have Zero – Alarms Triggered    – This will set stats to 0 Kills

f7 – Have Zero – Total Medical Bills    – This will set stats to 0 Kills

f8 – Havo Zero – Fastest Hack Infiltration – This will set stats to 0 Kills

Thank you!

Alpha Protocol: Trainer (+19) [1.0] {LinGon}

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