Posted by Scorpion on Aug 3, 2016


Welcome To Cheat VIP Weapon, For CrossFire Game

  • Here You Can [ Download Cheat VIP Weapon ] Working 100%
  • Best Hack For CrossFire Version NA,BR,EU And More
  • When Download Hack Must OFF [ ANTI VIRUS ]
  • Easy Install Just Download And install Downlad 🙂
  • Cheat VIP Weapon Daily Update Don’t Worry For That

Follow Rules Click To Photo

You Must Follow Rules Click To Photo First And Write Comment Have Your E-Mail This Hack is VIP

You Must Click To Photo Look Arow



Crosshair on/off – Insert button
PlayerESP Bone – Auto
PlayerESP Line – Auto
PlayerESP Box – Auto
Anti Grenade Damage – Auto
Anti Smoke – Auto
Anti Flash – Auto
Anti Knockback – Auto
NoWeaponRecoil – Auto
NoBulletSpread – Auto


1 : Make Rules Look Above Again

2 : Comment Have Your E-Mail To Sent it this hack is [ VIP ]

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  1. adrian says:

    Please send the Real cheat

  2. I do not understand this, I write my mail and just send me a link where my comment appears , never a download link appears

    can you help me ?

    what am I doing wrong ?

  3. Scorpion says:

    send to all success

  4. andria says:

    hey its telling me “403
    the action is not allowed, because the file is marked as private and the key you provided is not correct”
    please can you send me the link again on

  5. xX Rays Xx says:

    i hope it will be good

  6. xX Rays Xx says:


  7. Mahmoud says:

    How to download ?? i can,t download

  8. Scorpion says:

    send to all success and we not scam any one and how to download write your E-mail to send it

  9. realize I indicate the steps but still can not see any link Download

    only appears in my mailbox this

  10. FreezingDark says:

    maybe the problem was because i didnt have an account so now i made one

  11. a7med7lmy says:

    Thanks for hack

  12. a7med7lmy says:

    This Hack is VIP

  13. Mohanad says:

    WTF very well

  14. kirolos says:

    please sent me this hack

  15. Rowen says:


  16. michael says:

    please sent me this hack..tnx

  17. Yhman says:

    my gmail is i need this hack now or ill murder u LOLOLOLOL IM JUST KIDDING but i rlly need it now!!!! hope u will send this hack in CF 2.0 right now 😛

  18. Yhman says:

    I will keep spamming u! cause i rlly need the cf hack NOWWWWWW im getting mad!!!!!!!!LOLLLOL JOKEE PLS NOWWWWW!

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