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[1.41] subVersion External [Revive]l

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To whom it may concern, the hack/mod is safe and I use it everyday but still it’s a hack/mod there’s no guarantee you’ll be safe forever. Hence, I take no responsibility of bans. You have been warned!

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Well, here you go people… An updated subVersion External Hack for GTA 1.41.

THIS IS THE EXTERNAL VERSION – NO STEALTH MONEY (Not Possible) – NO PED MONEY (Possible but won’t add)

I will not waste my time listing every feature because that’s already done perfectly here by sub1to himself. Don’t be blind and ask for stealth money in an external mod. Want RP? TP to Mine shaft or Trevor’s House and enable 5 star Wanted + Never Wanted and see magic..

Video Showcase:

Known issues + workarounds:
– To teleport you need to be stationary
– The ramp buggy has its health decreased every time you flip a vehicle, even when godmode is enabled. To prevent the engine from burning, you can use god + demi-god.

– Interiors don’t always spawn. There are two sure ways to spawn interiors. After that you can teleport from one interior to another, and they should keep spawning.
–1 Teleport to the FBI builing top, and drop down to the floor (you spawn above the floor)
–2 Teleport to the mine shaft and walk to the door

 Fast Click Here To Download 

Reversal Info @DarkLinuxz, @stewart, @separater, @Aaronlad, @Tonyx97, @extropian, @scriptkiddy1337
Testing @Teletabi01, @scriptkiddy1337, @BluhhBluhhTom
Steam support @scriptkiddy1337, @BluhhBluhhTom
Aero fix @tathompson, @WasserEsser
The Original dev @sub1to
Also some people who helped me deserve a mention: @SirMestre @turkishwambo @7h3 7r14ngl3 @SAVAj1337 @m0th
Video showcase: Marco00 (system32)…job/69ev7yn41w…b7bb/detection 

I did not make this external mod menu! All credits go to NewbieH4x from UC!

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" Here you can search for everything you want and you will find it as soon as possible "


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