During a Twitter Q&A on Friday, director David Ayer revealed that originally, the big monster to join the team was going to be none other than King Shark. If that name sounds familiar to you at all, it’s because he showed up twice on this last season of CW’s The Flash, and Shark is typically the big monster baddie that’s a part of the Squad in the comics. Ayer opted out of using Shark because he wasn’t cool with an all-digital character

Killer Croc will be played by Lost star Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, with a makeup job that looks pretty impressive and genuinely scary. It’s unclear if Ayer would be willing to change his mind, should the film get a sequel, but here’s hoping. Because everyone could use a giant, talking shark on their team. Plus, it’d be great if he could sing his iconic song.

Suicide Squad comes to theaters on August 5.

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