Add-Fast Open Discussion: August 26, 2016

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In this week’s Add-Fast Open Discussion, we’re discussing No Man’s Sky, Pokemon GO, Destiny 2, the PS4 Slim, and more! Come on in and join the conversation!

As the last full week of August comes to a close, gamers are now ready for the weekend while others are lamenting their last week of freedom before school returns into the fold. For now, though, the fact that it’s Friday simply means that it’s time for the Add-Fast Open Discussion, where our readers are invited to talk about whatever happens to be on their mind – even if that topic isn’t related to video games at all!

The Add-Fast Open Discussion is a weekly thread made so that our community can chat with each other, most commonly about the hottest news of the week and whatever happens to be going on in everyone’s life. To join in on the conversation, readers can scroll to the bottom of this post and seek out the ‘Load Comments’ button underneath the article. Everyone is welcome to join in!

To help kickoff the discussion, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a few of the hottest news items from this past week. We’ll start off by talking about No Man’s Sky, Pokemon GO, Destiny 2, and more!

No Man’s Sky Active Players Drops By 90%

No Man's Sky Daily Active Players Drops By 90%

No Man’s Sky may have an astounding 18 quintillion planets to visit, but it seems like the majority of players who picked up the game a few weeks ago don’t have the patience to keep exploring them all. Hello Games’ latest title has dropped from 157,000 concurrent users to just over 10,000 since the game was released, perhaps echoing game creator Sean Murray’s statement that the game would be ‘super divisive’.

Some Sony gamers have demanded refunds from Sony after running into several PS4-based bugs that have yet to be fixed, but there are still many gamers who have enjoyed the game so much that some haven’t even left their starter planet after several hours of gameplay. It appears that Sean Murray’s promises about what the game would ultimately deliver may have been overly ambitious, and we state this may have hurt impressions of the video game in the long run in our review.

Bungie Confirms Destiny 2 Will Still Launch in 2017


Bungie has had to come out and reconfirm that Destiny 2 was still slated to launch in 2017, after having originally pitched 2017 as the release date more than half a year ago. The studio evidently wants to assuage worries that the game will be delayed from what many view as an ambitious release window, although the studio has been working on the Destiny sequel for over 2 years now. Almost nothing is known about the upcoming sequel, though rumors suggest that the game may be titled Beyond Destiny.

It was announced a few weeks ago that most of the Bungie staff have been working away exclusively on the Destiny sequel in a bid to have it ready for 2016, and it looks like Luke Smith (the director of The Taken King expansion for Destiny) has taken the lead on developing the sequel. He was also the lead developer for Vault of Glass, which was another well-received DLC item for Destiny. 

More news about the sequel is sure to come over the holiday window, so fans of the original game should keep an eye out for more news about The Guardians!

Pokemon GO Has Lost Over 15 Million Daily Users

Pokemon GO Daily Active Users

After Pokemon GO officially launched globally (and admittedly a little bit before that), the application wasted no time in taking the world by storm. Seemingly everyone and their Grandmother was playing the application, which led to surprising safety concerns and less surprising country-wide bans for Niantic’s hit application. The game has made the studio over 200 million dollars since it launched, but things seem to be starting to slow down for Pokemon GO as players run out of things to do.

According to Axiom Capital Management, the Pokemon GO application has lost more than 15 million of its daily active users in the last few days, which accounts for roughly 33% of the game’s player base from its peak post-launch times. It’s natural that after the initial flash of the application wears off, the majority of less hardcore Pokemon fans would stop playing the augmented reality game. Niantic will be trying to get these players back with future updates, and we’ll keep you posted as more news comes about those developments.

The PS4 Slim Will Come With A New Dualshock Controller


Rumors have long been circulating about Sony making a PS4 Slim in addition to the more powerful PlayStation Neo, and these rumors now have much more credence after this week’s developments. First, NeoGaf users hunted down several different leaked images of the PS4 Slim retailing packaging, and then contacted the owners of these photographs and convinced them to take even more photographs of the PS4 Slim console itself. If those images weren’t convincing enough, an unboxing video leaked which has even confirmed the PS4 Slim will come with a new DualShock controller.

The video has now been made private after it was discovered by the masses, but it didn’t take long for Sony fans to analyze what details could be extrapolated from the short video. The new DualShock controller looks very similar to the existing design, although the light bar has been moved to the top of the controller’s touchpad, instead of between its shoulders buttons. It was difficult to see more from the video, but given the amount of leaks that have popped up this week we wouldn’t be surprised for more footage to find its way into the public eye later on.

Resident Evil 4 Remaster Trailer Released


With the Xbox One and PS4 remakes of Resident Evil 4 launching half a week from today, it was due time for Capcom to show off the high definition graphical improvements the studio has made to the title from 2005, which now features full 60 frames per second gameplay as well. The trailer starts off with protagonist Leon Kennedy poking around a Spanish village, and even players unfamiliar with this particular opening level can guess that things don’t exactly go smoothly from there. Gamers can take a look at the trailer for the remaster here.

We listed that particular game opening as one of the best opening levels of all time, so we have high expectations that playing through that opening in the remake will bring back familiar waves of excitement. So long as the Resident Evil 4 remake avoids the framerate issues that Resident Evil 5 encountered, the remake should mark another successful venture as Capcom celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise.

The remake of Resident Evil 4 for Xbox One and PS4 will launch on August 30, 2016.

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The above recaps are just some suggested topics that we invite our readers to talk about, but as previously mentioned, the Add-Fast Open Discussion is a place where readers can talk about any topic, even if it isn’t related to video games at all. Whether the topic is the latest DLC delay for The Division or a planned marathon of Stranger Things, the comments section below can play host to it all!

Of course, we’d like to ask that everyone who takes part in the Add-Fast Open Discussion please refrain from posting any form of inappropriate content, so that the discussion can remain accessible to Ranters of all ages. Our thanks go out to the dedicated mod squad who patrol the comments section below! To join the conversation, simply click that ‘Load Comments’ button below!


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