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Alan Wake's Bright Falls

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America’s Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful places on the
planet, but there’s also something haunting and mysterious about those
dark woods and forested valleys. This landscape inspired David Lynch
when he created supernatural soap opera Twin Peaks, and ultimately
Finnish horror game Alan Wake. 
Remedy’s love of Lynch has been apparent since the ‘Address Unknown’
theme park in Max Payne 2, but Wake is its most overt homage to his
work. Like Twin Peaks, the game uses a place of stunning natural beauty
to tell a grim, twisted horror story, and it’s this contrast that makes
Bright Falls such an evocative setting. 
You arrive by ferry, in a disarmingly peaceful introduction to the
small town and its picturesque surroundings. The fir trees and foggy
mountain peaks are realistic enough, but Remedy’s take on the geography
is exaggerated. It’s almost a caricature of the region: what you imagine
it looks like, rather than the reality. The valleys are a little too
deep, the mountains a little too steep.

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