Baby Boom 2

Name :   Baby Boom 2
Age-appropriate : +10
Keywords : Baby Boom 2, Fun Games 
READ  Game developer Grasshopper Manufacture announced on Saturday that it will release its The Silver Case Remastered game worldwide for the PC on October 7. Grasshopper Manufacture will release the game on the Steam, Playism, GOG, and Humble Store platforms. The game will have a regular edition, which will only contain the game, and a Deluxe Edition, which will also contain an artbook, a soundtrack, and a digital prequel comic. The developer is also planning a Limited Run Packaged Version, which will contain a physical version of the game and the soundtrack, as well as the artbook, comic, and a game manual. The regular edition will cost US$19.99, and the Deluxe Edition will cost US$29.99. Grasshopper Manufacture offered a playable version of the “Chapter 0: Lunatics” prologue segment of game during Tokyo Game Show from September 15-18. The Silver Case was the first game Grasshopper Manufacture released, and Gōichi Suda (Suda51) directed and wrote the game. The game shipped for the PlayStation in 1999. The game's story is set in modern Japan, at a place called the 24 Wards. The homicide division of the 24 Wards Police Department is investigating a series of bizarre murders whose MO match a notorious serial killer that had supposedly been killed by a homicide detective years ago. The remastered PC version is the first English release of the game. Grasshopper Manufacture hinted at the PC remaster version in April. Suda said in a statement in May that if the game performs well, he'd also consider a remake of the Flower, Sun, and Rain game, which served as an indirect sequel to The Silver Case.
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