Back to School – September 1st [ Cross Fire NA ]

" Here you can search for everything you want and you will find it as soon as possible "

Attention Mercenaries,

The ongoing conflict between Global Risk and Black List continues onward… this time Black List agents have been spotted deep in the jungles of Honduras. The ruins nearby are not to be damaged however, so only melee weapons will be allowed for this encounter. We will send you additional supplies with time, however we cannot guarantee that the enemy won’t be able to grab them.

In the meantime, we have also received reports of anti-mutant task force agents finding strange, recently unearthed ruins in an area that was rumored to have mutant activity. We’re not sure who would go digging around a mutant infested area but we want you to head in and scout out the area. Keep your wits sharp mercenaries, we don’t know what could be lying in ambush down there.

To assist you with both these missions we are also going to release several weapons to hopefully give you an edge in combat, the pièce de résistance of which is the legendary Desert Eagle-Obsidian Beast.

[New Mode]

Grenade Knife Mode
A swashbucklingly exciting mode. Mercenaries are armed with nothing but a knife initially. However, supply drops periodically arrive on the map and will give the team that acquires them a set of Wide Grenades. Be wary killing a grenade holder, or they might just leave a present at your feet when they die.

[New Maps]

Mayan Temple – Team Death Match (Grenade Knife Mode Only)
The latest skirmish zone of the conflict between Global Risk and Black List. Neither side wants to damage the culturally historic ruins nearby, so both sides have equipped nothing but melee. But with the promise of a supply drop coming through the radios, the tide of this battle may turn quickly.

Cavern Ruins – Mutation Mode / Hero Mode / Hero Mode X and Mutant Knight Mode
Ancient Ruins found deep within a cave system have recently been exhumed. Whoever decided to do so clearly didn’t know about the mutated denizens within. Now a task force of agents have been deployed to contain this new mutant insurgence. But will they be able to make it out alive?

[New Weapons]

Desert Eagle-Obsidian Beast – New VIP Weapon
The classic Desert Eagle has been crafted a new frame. Twisted and forged in hellfire, this new frame design evokes images of a terrifying mechanical beast. This VVIP comes bundled with a similarly forged combat knife allowing the user to quickly react to and slash enemies who get the drop on them.

M4A1-XS-Legendary Dragon – VIP PreOrder Package
The M4A1-X has been equipped with a silencer and given a black and red gradient paint job, accented with gold engravings depicting a legendary dragon.

AK47-Knife-Red Spider Web – Red Spider Web Set Crate
An AK47 equipped with a knife bayonet. This variant has been given additional ammo and is decorated with a red spider web paint job for those looking for more exotic looking weapons.

Combat Axe-Red Spider Web – Red Spider Web Set Crate
A Black Carbon Axe that has been re-painted with a red spider web design. This spider’s bite is quite lethal.

WA2000 – WA2000 GP crate
This semi-automatic bullpup sniper rifle is very popular among snipers. It is very high in accuracy and highly destructive because of its .300 magnum ammo

CF-05 – DogTag Rewards
The CF05 submachine gun was developed by Chongqing Changfeng. Overall, its polymer materials give it a very light weight and allow it to hold a rather large Supply of bullets.

[Upcoming Events]

*** Patch Notes ***

* Added *

– Grenade Knife Mode added as a TDM Modifier (Mayan Temple Only)
– Mayan Temple added to TDM map pool (Grenade Knife Only)
– Cavern Ruins added to MM/HM/HMX & MKM map pools
– Desert Eagle-Obsidian Beast added to VIP Shop
– Red Spider Web Set Crate added to Black Market (ZP)

– AK47-Knife-Red Spider Web
– Combat Axe-Red Spider Web

– WA2000 Crate added to Black Market (GP)

– WA2000

– CF-05 added to DogTag Rewards

* Removed *
– Dual Colt-Volcano removed from DogTag Rewards
– Turtle Shell Crates removed from Black Market (ZP)

* Fixed *
– SCAR Light-Liquid Metal sound effects have been fixed to be in line with other SCAR Light variants
– Fixed Remaining Time display on temporary weapons to display as XXD YYH instead of XXdays YY hours
– Fixed a bug where the names of daily mission rewards could extend beyond the edge of the screen
– Fixed a bug where scopes could be misaligned at certain resolutions
– Fixed a bug where the Hazard Namecard could sometimes not display
– Fixed a bug where passwords could only be comprised of numbers
– Fixed a bug where class backpacks would not disappear for certain classes.

* Distributions *
– Desert Eagle-Obsidian Beast Preorders distributed
– Clan Raid Rewards distributed

EDIT: Dogtag rewards have not been changed yet as there was no prior notice given regarding their change. We will be changing them in the coming days so make sure you use this last chance to grab the Dual Colt-Volcanoes if you want them.

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" Here you can search for everything you want and you will find it as soon as possible "


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