Bloodborne’s limitations inspired Dark Souls 3’s battle styles, says Miyazaki

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There really is nothing like a good Souls game. All blood,
finesse and an endless font of moreish despair. Even with the
announcement of Dark Souls 3 and its greater sense of player empowerment and revitalised PvP component,
the call of the series is hard to deny for us players. Turns out we’re
not the only ones. In the latest issue of GamesMaster, series overlord
Hidetaka Miyazaki explains the allure of the Dark Souls experience, any
why it coaxed him back after working on PS4-exclusive Bloodborne.

“Because of the character of Bloodborne’s gameplay, its battle style, as
well as the role-playing elements, it’s limited compared to the Dark
Souls franchise,” he explains. “It doesn’t necessarily mean Bloodborne
was bad. However, while working on [it] I realised, I want to [create]
something which has a wide range of battle styles, or features magic, or
those things which allow players to wear awesome armour. Those elements
are what actually made me come [back] to the Dark Souls franchise.” We
can’t wait, even if does mean we’ll eventually be crushed by another
monstrous Miyazaki menagerie.

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" Here you can search for everything you want and you will find it as soon as possible "


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