Bungie knows the Destiny 2.0 patch is kind of broken

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Bungie released Destiny’s 2.0 patch yesterday. Massive overhauls to the game were made, but with it came a buttload of new bugs and issues.
since the update, people have been reporting inability to update the
game, freezes, incorrect quest rewards, and access to items not meant to
be released yet. It’s been big enough of a problem Bungie took to its forums to confirm the problems do exist, and how they’re going about fixing them:

Some players are able to access Emblems and Shaders from the Weapons
Pack, SUROS Arsenal Pack and Collector’s Edition Exotic Guardian Class
Items before 9/15/2015. All items will be made available to eligible
players on 9/15/2015. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion
that may have been caused.

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• We’re aware of an issue where
Patrols and Faction-specific Quests are not granting the expected
rewards upon completion. These rewards will be granted as expected for
these activities starting on 9/15/2015. Patrols and Faction-specific
Quests completed before this time will not retroactively grant rewards.

• We’re aware of an issue where players may experience a Destiny application crash/freeze when multiple status effects are active. We’re actively investigating this matter.

Xbox One players who have purchased The Taken King Collector’s Edition
Upgrade via the in-game prompt are unable to install the added content
at this time. We’re aware of this matter and are actively investigating.

So fear not, those of you who are helplessly addicted to Destiny
(including Destructoid’s own Vikki Blake.) If all goes to plan, you’ll
be back hunting for Wizards on the Moon with the new Nolandroid soon
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" Here you can search for everything you want and you will find it as soon as possible "


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