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The major complaint about most Pokemon GO bots available currently in the marketplace is that they lack a GUI (graphical user interface for those unfamiliar with the term) for users to easily select options and setup Settings/configuration files. Most bots available have a command line style design and lack that sexy appeal and aesthetic that most people are used to.

Catch ‘Em – Pokemon GO Bot by Lunatiq is a recent release over on Github from a member of the Pokemon GO community who wanted to answer the prayers of some of the community and deliver a Pokemon GO bot with a premium and clean GUI that’s easy to use.

– Force Move: just double click on the Map and you will force the bot to move in that direction.
– Full proxy support – avoid those IP bans that are becoming common!

– Settings are configured via the GUI, no more text based config files to deal with.
– Set the ‘Start Location’ for the bot simply by opening the Map and double-click your desired position.
– The UI offers full control over your Pokemon, your inventory & much more.
– MoveSpeedFactor slider : adjust the speed of your bot as desired.
– The map will follow the bot as it moves and farms for you – keep an eye on it!

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" Here you can search for everything you want and you will find it as soon as possible "


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