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Collateral v4.2.1 [Premium]

Collateral v4.2.1 [Premium]
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: Collateral creates notes and lists in your notification area. Use notifications as reminders for important tasks or to-do lists that are accessible from anywhere!

Collateral v4.2.1 [Premium] 6OslLwWWgbaN_aHq3Ka4VvmQb0hEPICpCZxJIthrqo2rkM9gPN_qvXzGUHAwono1-A=h450

Main features
• Access to all 400+ notification icons
• Created notifications are saved for reuse
• Edit notifications completely after creating them
• Change default notification icons, colors and options
• Backup, restore, import and export notifications locally
• Night mode that can be enabled based on time or indefinitely
• Share notifications to – and create notifications from – other apps
• Notification and widget shortcuts to create notes and lists
• DashClock extension to display active notifications

Premium features
• Sign in with Google to manually backup/sync notifications
• Add actions to notes to perform tasks from the notification
• Add pictures to notes to display them within the notification
• Add reminders to notifications to create them at a certain time
• Select favorite icons to be displayed above recently used icons
• Share pictures from other apps to create notes with them
• Various options to customize reminders per notification
• Reminder notification to show upcoming reminders
• Ad-free experience


– New filter screen with built-in search
– Option to choose the amount of time before reauthenticating (Settings > Security > Grace period) ($)
– Bug fixes
– Minor fixes

This app has no advertisements


  • Collateral v4.2.1 [Premium] 6OslLwWWgbaN_aHq3Ka4VvmQb0hEPICpCZxJIthrqo2rkM9gPN_qvXzGUHAwono1-A=h310
  • Collateral v4.2.1 [Premium] gurc13au7brV76K_13B_kSJ0xWCrxJJpfQEkFOhE_nRTikqV3zRxeiEH8LnAQZYWU54=h310
  • Collateral v4.2.1 [Premium] 7KXwX4s6b-gJGjf3XkyO6FnBdsq-d4BrY_cZN21lEg5KbD7nZ13V0sR8KdX3xm-OuGk=h310
  • Collateral v4.2.1 [Premium] WjpL7QiQ2naoffy-RoeWN0mq9FVAKKxCAt1w91QN6VstGTFE6tLzKR1rxzs2BkwMCjOd=h310
  • Collateral v4.2.1 [Premium] TP2ABsKK8osgOsEH13VP58UHjX3mRU2amdN0QnyfnNvnaNwf9I3FuH5-4X1jB5Oj8Q=h310
  • Collateral v4.2.1 [Premium] OxXauZhypzSFTrLgMBpJSZjKgR-fQFVfgnOiU7FYPmkks2Y24rzcTBr4BGUe2KhR7O95=h310
  • Collateral v4.2.1 [Premium] 6_UacoSxa5qPr2uuTN0MCgKEjIM6Wja2GPN5L3ab7hFGCjox-qmNb-IvHseB_iSwHkA=h310

Download Instructions: PREMIUM features Unlocked | Drive backup and sync work


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