Conquer Online Edit All in one 27/8/2016

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1. Make a backup of the original Conquer.exe
2. Drag the All in One you downloaded into your Conquer online folder. If it asks you to overwrite click Yes.

[Open game from Auto Patch Restart]

Write in Whisper or Team Chat

/rolescale 50
/scale 230
/pingrange 100
/look 1 change to 2 or 3 or 4
/ChgScr [write Screen Resolution] /c_achshow
/PingRange [range?] /SendPingTestResult
/EnableMapLayer [x?, y?] /EnablePuzzleGrid [0/1] /Mute
/Weather [weather_type, wind, intensity] /ClearInvalidGui
/SetResetMode [mode] /OpenWindow [window_id] /CloseWindow [window_id] /EnableGMMode
/show me version
/EnableSimplifyOnMapScale [0/1] /PrintTrainingRange [range?] /EnableArabicLike

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