[CrossFire North America] Summer School – July 8th → August 8th


Attention Mercenaries,

School may be out for the season, but class is just getting started. Your battle skills need to stay in tip top shape so we’re enrolling you all in the CrossFire Summer School for the month of July (and a bit of August)

Here’s how it works:

Earn Summer School Marks by completing various objectives during the event period. Once you reach a certain level of marks you will receive a grade and the rewards that correspond with that grade. You will have from July 8th to August 8th to complete the requirements.

Think the requirements are too hard? Well if we get 3000 likes on our Facebook post we’ll lower a couple of the later mark requirements, so spread the word. Think of this as your extra-curricular activities.

How to Earn Summer School Marks

Daily Marks (These can be achieved once per day)

Attendance: Achieve Fever Bar Rank 2 – 1 Mark

Participation: Complete one of the Daily Missions – 1 Mark

Assignments (These can be achieved only once during the event)

Assignment 1: Win 10 games of [REDACTED – Unlocked on July 7th after maintenance] – 2 Marks
Assignment 2: Acquire the [REDACTED – Unlocked on July 7th after maintenance] – 2 Marks
Assignment 3: Achieve 50 kills in Elimination Mode – 0.5 Marks (Can be repeated to a max of 2 Marks)
Assignment 4: Achieve 50 deaths in S&D – 0.5 Marks (Can be repeated to a max of 2 Marks)
Assignment 5: Obtain the [REDACTED – Unlocked on July 7th after maintenance] set. – 4 Marks
Assignment 6: Win one of the [REDACTED – Unlocked on July 7th after maintenance]weapons or obtain the [REDACTED – Unlocked on July 7th after maintenance]. – 4 Marks
Assignment 7: Participate and complete any 2 Auto-Tournaments (you must play against at least 2 different teams) – 4 Points

What’s in it for Me? (-Anonymous)

Besides keeping your combat skills sharp, we will be awarding prizes when you achieve a Grade.

Z (1 mark) – We’re writing a letter home for your parents…

Bulletproof Helmet & Vest (3 days)

F (3 marks) – Were you even trying?

D.E-Scope Crate x2

D (5 marks) – Fails to follow instructions…

AK-47 Camo GP Crate x5

C (10 marks) – Doesn’t work well with others…

Pinkholic Crate x2

C+ (20 marks) – Low Effort in assignments…

M37 Stakeout-Firewall Crate x3
Bulletproof Helmet & Vest (3 days each)

B (30 marks) – Average performance in class…

Armsel Striker Crate x5

B+ (40 marks) – Solid Understanding of concepts…

Baby Ghost Grenade (15 days)
Black Muzzle Flame (15 days)

A (50 marks) – Excellent Effort and Understanding…

Hellfire Mauser M1896 Crate x5
Kriss Super V-Silver Crate x5
Imported Power Crate x5

A+ (65 marks) – Golden Student. A pleasure to teach!

Rose Crate x5
D.E-Silencer Crate x5
M200 Cheytac Crate x5
Luxury Royal Dragon Crate x5
M14 (30 days)
Yellow Smoke Grenade (30 days)

Bonus (70 marks) – Goes above and beyond…

Bulletproof Helmet & Vest (15 days each)

Prizes will be distributed when you achieve a Grade. So if I achieve Grade F then I will get the rewards from Grade Z and Grade F.

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