Crystal Hack v1.0 ||| WOLFTEAM RELOADED || NEW FEATURES 2015

" Here you can search for everything you want and you will find it as soon as possible "

Crystal Hack v1.0

Features :

  • No Recoil : Removes the recoil of your weapon
  • No Spread : Removes the spreading of your shots , It could be DEADLY if you are using AAA-GL or someth like that .
  • No Weapon Sway : Removes the sway of your weapon while moving
  • Infinite Ammo : 2 VERSIONS , Freezes / Increases your ammo.
  • No Fall Damage : Probably as same as No Gravity
  • No Gravity : Removes the gravity from the game , thus you will never get ANY damage from falling
  • Respawn Where Died : Explains itself.
  • Name Tag : Allows you to see Other Enemies & their HP
  • Return to base : Return to your current base , It can also return you to the latest location where you are standing [ if respawn where died is enabled]
  • Rapid Fire : Shoot with your Weapon Rapidly
  • Shootanytime : Shoot before / after Battle
  • Pistol Fire : Your PISTOL shoots rapidly
  • Rapid Knife : Your KNIFE shoots rapidly
  • Power Master Room : Gives you the ability to choose weapons any where with an extra WP deduction
  • Instant Respawn : Respawns your player instantly
  • Teleport Hack : Teleport your player’s position anywhere
  • Team Kill : Kill your teammates easily without any payback
  • Lag Hack : The new unseen creative way to kill other players without even being touched !
  • Wolf Hunt Powers : A Totally new feature [ Special Thanks to D4rk ] , This feature gives you + 100% Wolf Armor , + 40% Wolf Damage , + 60% Wolf Speed .
  • Respawn Enemy Base : Explains itself.
  • Perfect MS : Gives all the players in the room a perfect ms [ 0 ] which sometimes help you with those who don’t even have a ping.
  • Wolf Attack Speed : Gives you +300% Attack Speed for your wolf , Currently Disabled.
  • Wolf Ability : Gives your Wolf The ability to Dash , Hang on walls OR even Roll over other players !
  • Wolf Dash GL : Allows you to move up & down while dashing on walls .
  • Wolf View x2.0 : Gives your wolf a 200% View , Might not work if you have the item already Equipped .
  • Ghost Hack : Makes you completely invisible , you must join in observer mode [ PRO Version allows you to join without observing ! ]
  • Anti-Observers : Prevents Idiot Observing hackers from killing you , or at least , allows you to kill them.
  • Use Heavy Weapons : Explains itself.
  • Aimbot : Allows you to shoot anywhere while the shots itself aims at enemies / teammates !
  • Infinite Dashing : Gives you an infinity dashing time so that you dont need to press Double “W” again ..
  • Infinite Wolfballs : Gives your wolf infinity balls , so that you dont need to hold “R” again..
  • Game Speed x3 : Explains Itself.
  • Anti-WLPX kick : Prevents WLP Retards from kicking you out of game , Currently in BETA mode !
  • Unlimited Resurrection : Removes the limit of resurrecting your teammates .
  • Wolves hack : gives you all wolves such as Gaurdian , Smart wolf , ice wolf ,etc..
  • Modes Hack : gives you the most 3 common modes.
  • CrossHair Hack : gives you the most 5 common Crosshair signs.
  • Damage Hack : gives you an extra damage , you can choose between x1.2 or x1.4 , Currently in BETA mode !
  • Jump Hack : gives you an extra Jumping Height , x1.5 , x2.0 , x3.0
  • Player Speed : gives your player a nice movement speed , you can increase your speed up to x9.9 !
  • Player View : gives you the abiltiy to use 1st Person view , 3rd person view , and camera hack !
  • Room Hack : allows you to crash other player’s rooms OR prevent them from crashing yours
  • Shooting Speed : Gives you a STEALTH shooting way , or a DEADLY shooting way , i’d suggest using the stealth one tho..
  • Medical Kits Hack : This awesome customizeable version of the HP Restore hack that was original designed by D4rkAdv3rs4ry allows you to customize your own HP restoring style !
  • Transparent Walls : Makes the opacity of the walls really low so that you will be able to see your enemies behind them
  • Wall Hack : Only Shows the players behind walls without affecting wall’s opacity .
  • Wireframe : Converts all player’s textures to wireframes , it’s abit useless but funny tho..
  • Wirepoint : Converts all player’s textures to wirepoints , it’s still same like wireframe , lol..
  • Full Brightness : Gives your game the BEST brightness available for you pc ..
  • Overlay Chams [ Thanks to Pheron & CCman32 ] , This Sexy Feature puts an overlay chams [ Currently RED ] to everything without affecting player’s textures , it’s a TOTALLY new feature !
  • No Fog : Disables Fog of war ingame
  • Characters Hack : Gives you all latest Characters [ Characters.txt is included in package ] , Note : You MUST respawn at least one time to get REAL hp / Armor !
Crystal Hack First Menu
Crystal Hack Second Menu
Ingame #1

How To Use :

  • Activate your hwid by posting it down here or in the original website { EXTREMELY FAST }
  • Once your hwid is activated , simply Open the hack and start the game [ YOU MUST launch the hack first ]
  • Have Fun using this sweet version…

Virus Total : Click Here 1/45

Download Link : PERIOD EXPIRED.

Original Project by [ Features , ETC..]: D4rkAdv3rs4ry
Released & Recoded by : Wrekonize & UNKNOWN


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" Here you can search for everything you want and you will find it as soon as possible "


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