Day-one update removes nine-day wait on Super Mario Maker content

Just make some levels, ya dingus!
A patch for Super Mario Maker
went live hours ahead of its official release that removes the
requirement to wait nine days — or set your Wii U system clock ahead —
to acquire all of the level editor parts. 
The update patch notes state:
  • “Create a course” scene: a small element was added.
  • Condition(s) for increasing the amount of useable parts (in the level editor) were added.
  • Various changes meant to improve the gameplay experience.
The “conditions for increasing the amount of useable parts” haven’t
been defined just yet, but reports from around the Internet seem to
indicate that just making a level with a ton of pieces in it quickly
causes the parts to unlock.
Now how long do I have to wait to unlock the ability to buy amiibo without losing sleep?
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