December Daily Missions – All December long [ CF – NA ]

Attention Mercenaries,

December might be THE winter month, and may make you want to curl up by a fireplace, but it’s still no reason to live a sedentary life. To prevent that, we’ve got a little training regimen for you all for the month.

Starting December 7th, and running until January 3rd, we’re going to give you a different mission for every day of the week. If you manage to complete it you win the prize mentioned in the table below.

The missions are as follows:

Fever Mondays – Take your Fever bar to the max. Hitting Fever 3 will complete the mission for the day.

Zombie Tuesdays – Complete enough Zombie Mode-Hard Bosses to earn the Special Boss Crate and you’ll get 2 of them.

Runaway Wednesdays – Complete at least 10 Escape Games. The prize will be different each week. You can only win the prize once per Wednesday.

Swarm Thursdays – Complete any 10 Mutant related games. The prize will be different each week. You can only win the prize once per Thursday.

CrossFire Fridays – Complete the daily mission and win the indicated crate. From these winners we will select 100 names and give them an 10 crates.

Shadow Saturdays – Complete at least 10 Ghost or Shadow Mode Games. You can only win once per Saturday.

Showdown Sundays – Complete at least 10 Elimination Games. You can only win once per Sunday.

So get out there mercs, and shave off those hot chocolate pounds.

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