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Destiny: Bungie Brings Touch of Malice Replica to PAX West

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Although Bungie didn’t use PAX West 2016 for any gameplay reveals like Gun Media did for its most recent Friday the 13th: The Game trailer, the Destiny studio did have a presence at the event with its own booth dedicated to the action-RPG. As a matter of fact, beyond hawking its wares during the gaming festival, Bungie cleared out enough space to display an intricately designed replica of the fan-favorite Exotic Scout Rifle known as Touch of Malice.

As seen in the official tweet from Bungie below, Guardians can make their way over to Booth 439 to see the Touch of Malice up close and personal, but it isn’t as if the studio will let fans simply pick it up and wield it for themselves. Just below the Destiny rifle is a tiny placard with a pleasant little pun reading, “Please don’t Touch of Malice.”


Of course, not every Destiny fan will be able to make it out to PAX West 2016 to get a good gander at Touch of Malice. Bearing this in mind, while Bungie’s recreation of the Exotic Scout Rifle is undoubtedly top-notch, the actual image of the model used by the studio doesn’t do a complete job of putting the whole weapon on display, as the blade is most prominently featured.

Thankfully, the die-hard Destiny fan known as DattosDestiny on Twitter was able to get a different angle of the rifle from the side. Those interested will not only be able to notice solid job when it comes to the the stitching of the gun’s cover, but also can see how well-done the golden inscriptions on Touch of Malice’s gyroscope in the center are.

For those unaware, once Touch of Malice was revealed for Destiny‘s last major expansion The Taken King, plenty of would-be Guardians went on to wield the weapon with authority. When used correctly, the Exotic Scout Rifle can actually play an integral role when it comes to completing the add-on’s King’s Fall raid and beating Oryx on Hard Mode.

As many Destiny players are well aware, making extremely authentic replicas of weapons from the game isn’t exclusive to Bungie, for lots of fans have crafted their own guns found in the shooter. For instance, one gamer created a Thorn pistol replica that actually fires. Taking all of this into consideration, it’s a safe assumption to make that fan-made material will continue to proliferate throughout the rest of Destiny‘s life-span, especially once its next DLC known as Rise of Iron launches this month.

Destiny‘s forthcoming expansion, Rise of Iron, is set to launch on September 20, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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