Destiny: Challenge Modes Confirmed for New Raid

Destiny: Rise of Iron looks to continue the tradition set by the game’s last raid by introducing Challenge Modes to its newest Wrath of the Machine raid.

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Destiny‘s new Wrath of the Machine raid is getting Heroic Mode on October 18th, the sci-fi shooter’s developer, Bungie, also confirmed that Wrath of the Machine will have Challenge Modes. In Bungie’s weekly blog, Community Manager DeeJ issues the clear tease that Challenge Modes are on the horizon:

“You[r] next challenge is the Heroic Raid. Beyond that, the Raid Bosses will issue some challenges of their own.”

Raid boss Challenge Modes were introduced in The Taken King with King’s Fall. Each week, players were tasked with taking down one of the bosses in King’s Fall in a specific, more challenging way. That included no one having the aura more than once on Warpriest, every player holding Golgoroth’s Gaze every damage phase, and taking down Oryx with the 16-bomb method.

This will add an extra layer of complexity on top of what is sure to be more mechanics and harder enemies added in Heroic Mode in a few weeks. Granted, Challenge Modes in King’s Fall could be completed on Normal Mode, doing so on Heroic rewarded players with special items like an artifact, an emblem, and a Calcified Fragment.

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It’s possible that Wrath of the Machine’s Challenge Mode will award Dormant SIVA Clusters (the new version of Calcified Fragments in Rise of Iron) upon defeating each boss. Fans have found multiple emblems in the Destiny database related to the raid, so many were expecting some kind of Challenge Modes to be released.

destiny rise of iron raid

It’s pretty safe to assume that there will be a Challenge Mode for each of Wrath of the Machine’s three bosses: Vosik; the Siege Engine; and Aksis. Fans will have to wait and see — and figure out for themselves — what Challenge Mode entails for each encounter.

This all seems to be Bungie’s plan to stretch out the content of Rise of Iron. As previously announced, revamped versions of Festival of the Lost and Sparrow Racing League will be returning in October and December, respectively. It’s unknown whether Challenge Modes will launch before, during, or after those other events.

When Challenge Modes were officially revealed by Bungie, they ended up going live the following weekly reset. Obviously, that’s unlikely to happen that soon, as Bungie will almost surely want to wait until teams have conquered the Heroic Mode variant of the raid.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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