Destiny: Rise of Iron Faction Rewards Will Let Players Choose Drops

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Video game developer Bungie reveals that Rise of Iron, the forthcoming expansion for its action-RPG, Destiny, gives players more control over faction reward drops.

With the days drawing closer to the release of Destiny‘s next major expansion known as Rise of Iron, the developers at Bungie continue to disseminate details about what new features will be included and how the add-on will bring about changes to the science fiction shooter. Just recently, in fact, Christopher Barrett, game director at the studio, took to his official Twitter account to reveal that the upcoming DLC will allow Destiny players to choose if they want armor or weapons from Faction packages.

As seen in Barrett’s tweet below, an image shows New Monarchy rewards, but it’s a safe bet to make that other Factions such as Dead Orbit and Future War Cult will go on to get the same options in Destiny‘s Rise of Iron. What remains to be seen, though, is whether or not the Vanguard and Crucible faction drops will receive similar updates, while it’s possible that Iron Banner goes a different route with rewards.

Beyond the choice of armor or weapons from Destiny‘s Faction packages, the third selection in the dynamic could just continue to be the current grab bag option. Of course, while no Guardians are going to be guaranteed the exact item that they may be desiring in Rise of Iron, it’s nice to see that Bungie has at least decided to give players a modicum of a say in what type of rewards can be obtained.

On top of this recent reveal for the change in Destiny‘s Faction packages, it was previously announced that with the release of Rise of Iron, Shaders will affect class armor once again, which was welcomed with a lot of positive reception from the game’s community. The pairing of these two particular features should prove to be a popular refinement with would-be Guardians once the expansion goes live this September.


Taking all of this into consideration, it seems as if Bungie has been listening to Destiny‘s fan base, as the studio will be using Rise of Iron to incorporate a lot of tweaks to the way players acquire gear. For instance, developers will also be implementing a new skeleton key system to make Strike loot easier to get with the alleviation of grinding by allowing players to target specific items.

While Bungie is going to use Rise of Iron to revamp Destiny‘s loot system somewhat by making the accrual and usage of gear, weapons, and in-game objects a lot more fluid and meaningful in Rise of Iron — an additional example of this being that rather than simply bringing back a fan-favorite rocket launcher, there’s a Gjallarhorn quest to obtain it — the studio may not provide Guardians with any additional storage to hold it all. Bungie said there are no “current plans to further expand Vault space,” but with about a month to go before Rise of Iron drops, there’s still time for the studio to change its mind.

Destiny‘s Rise of Iron expansion is set to release on September 20, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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" Here you can search for everything you want and you will find it as soon as possible "


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