Destiny’s Taken King Achievements are uninspired

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Two other ones updated, also
Destiny‘s The Taken King expansion has seen its
share of excitement since its reveal. And, by “excitement,” we mostly
mean scorn. The one-year add-on has had people upset about its price,
it has had people upset about a raid that won’t be included at launch,
and it has people upset because it’s when the beloved Gjallarhorn is
getting nerfed.
For everyone looking past all that, The Taken King has a bunch
of new quests, and each one will likely net you a new Achievement or
Trophy for completing. There are ten new Achievements (250 Gamerscore),
and getting through the quests and raids is how you pick them all up.
Nothing interesting or inventive, or anything that challenges you to
play in a different style.
All that Gamerscore won’t all be available at launch, though. Two of
the Achievements are dedicated to clearing the King’s Fall Raid (which
will be added after three day’s time) and again on heroic.
In addition to the new Achievements, two of them from the base game
have been updated. “Notorious” and “Valorous” now read “Earn Crucible
rank 1” and “Earn Vanguard rank 1,” respectively. Prior to this, they
were obtained for earning the maximum weekly Crucible and Vanguard
Destiny [Xbox Achievements]
Here’s the entire set of The Taken King‘s Achievements:

  • The Taken King — “Complete ‘The Taken King’ quest.” — 40G
  • Night Court — “Complete ‘The Court of Oryx’ quest.” — 20G
  • Hunger Pangs — “Complete ‘The Old Hunger’ quest.” — 20G
  • Second Wind — “Complete the ‘Echoes of Oryx’ quest.” — 20G
  • Stormcaller — “Complete ‘The Stormcaller’s Path’ quest.” — 20G
  • Sunbreaker — “Complete ‘The Sunbreakers’ Challenge’ quest.” — 20G
  • Nightstalker — “Complete ‘The Nightstalker’s Trail’ quest.” — 20G
  • Still Got Wolf Problems — “Complete ‘The Wolves of Mars’ quest.” — 20G
  • The King is Dead — “Complete the King’s Fall Raid.” — 20G
  • Long Live the King — “Complete the King’s Fall Raid (Heroic).” — 50G
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