Don’t Miss Out Summer Grand Sales on June 7th! [ Conquer Online ]

With the heat of summer, CO is bringing you a special hot gift! From June 7th to 20th, we will hold the event Summer Grand Sales in Twin City.

1. Hot Item Sales: NPC Twin City (323,250)
Players can purchase DemonBox, Perm

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anentStone, Dragonball, TortoiseGem with lower prices. Meanwhile, in order to go with the release of Beyond Perfection and Wall of Prestige, Stones and SuperGem will be in the sale list as well.

And what’s more exciting? Here we go. Whoopee! The BuddhistLotus is finally out for sale! Don’t miss it!

2. Bound Equipment Sales: NPC Twin City (323,250)
Dragon Warrior equipment (B) will be added into sale list.

Item Price
Dragon warriorHood
1-socket, +4, 3% Blessed
Dragon warriorHood
2-socket, +6,5% Blessed
Orange Combat Suit
1-socket, +4, 3% Blessed
Orange Combat Suit
2-socket, +6,5% Blessed

3. Gold Sales: NPC Twin City (323,250), Poker Room (77,93), Market (192,175)

Gold Price
50,000,000 7100Cp
20,000,000 2900 Cp
5,000,000 90Cp
1,000,000 20 Cp

Don’t miss out this rare opportunity!

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