Dota 2 balance-breaking bug discovered [Update: it’s fixed!]


Update: As predicted, Valve deployed a patch ASAP. The bug is now fixed. Sorry, Dire. You’re back to stacking your own Ancients now.
Original: Yesterday, Chris questioned whether Dota 2 Reborn was ready;
suggesting that Valve’s lane-pusher has gone back to beta. Maybe that
explains this: a major balance-breaking bug that has been introduced
into the latest version of the game. Dire’s Ancients—the big, stompy
mobs lurking near the Roshan pit—are auto-stacking without any
Stacking is supposed to be a trick that
support characters who aren’t me can do. They pull the Ancients out of
their jungle camp just as their spawn timer ticks over. The game,
thinking there are no Ancients in the camp, spawns new ones. The
original Ancients return to their position, and now there are two
stacks available for gold-hungry heroes.
Currently, Dire-side Ancients are spawning automatically—without the need for player intervention. A gif posted to the Dota 2 subreddit
shows this in action. This, naturally, is a major issue for the game’s
balance. It’s a huge advantage to the Dire; and specifically to the
heroes that can easily eat a big stack of Ancients. Things can quickly get out of hand:
It’s a big enough bug that joinDota League has announced
that all its matches are suspended until things are fixed. Given the
seriousness, that will likely happen soon. Until it does, definitely
avoid playing ranked.

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