Play as a Disembodied Head in Double Fine’s New Game

Double Fine is one of those delightful game companies that enjoys doing weird and wonderful things. Jack Black heavy metal RTS? Sure! A puzzle game starring sentient stacking dolls? Why not? This crazy company’s latest creation is Headlander, an action platformer in which you don’t just get ahead, you are a head.

Headlander is set in a ’70s sci-fi inspired world in which the robots have taken over. You’re the only living human with self-determination, and all that’s left of you is a disembodied (but customizable!) head in a special helmet. In order to take out the artificial intelligence that has enslaved humanity, you’ll have to defeat robots, knock off their heads, and screw in your own, taking them over and gaining their abilities.

Oh, and Headlander is being published by Adult Swim Games, in case you had any lingering doubts that it’d be strange. It’s coming out on July 26 for PS4 and PC, so here’s the latest trailer to get you in the mood:

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