Empire War : Age Of Heroes

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Empire War : Age Of Heroes Android Apk File


Android Empire War : Age Of Heroes Apk


Current Version: 1.102 Requires Android : 2.3 and up Genres : Strategy Games


Games Description

Empire war: Age of heroes – create your own empire and make it thrive. Defend it from many enemies with strong army. Expands the boundaries of your empire in this game for Android. Attack the neighboring states and seize large cities. Hire the legendary heroes who can lead your army to victory. Command troops on the battlefield and use your strategic talents. Produce a variety of resources and trade with other players. Form alliances to fight the common enemy.

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Games Features:
✔ Command your troops during battle and strategize in real time.
✔ Conquer cities and expand your territory.
✔ Take control of historical cities and rule entire regions.
✔Recruit Heroes to transform your army into an unstoppable force.
✔Research advanced technologies that will help your empire prosper.
✔Use cunning strategies to gain an advantage over your enemies.
✔Train Legionaries, Archers, Armored Cavalry, Ballistae, Trebuchets and more.
✔Earn Nobility Ranks and climb the ladder of power.
✔Trade resources with merchants and other players.
✔Form powerful Alliances and battle hundreds of other players for supremacy.
Forge your own destiny in Empire War: Age of Heroes!

What’s New in Empire War : Age Of Heroes 1.102:
Newly Added:
1.Chat Emojis
2.Alliances: Automatic join function (Free to Join)
3.A new PvP event
1.The time required to declare war has been changed to 30 minutes.
2.You will be unable to hide your troops during a City Defense battle. You should immediately strengthen your fortifications.
An issue that meant technologies had no effect when NPCs were in control of County Cities has been fixed.
Coming – Next Update:
Group Chat
Alliance Sphere of Influence

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" Here you can search for everything you want and you will find it as soon as possible "


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