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FAP CF 11/03/2018

صورة ذات صلة

• Silent Aimbot With Adjustable Fov
• Teleport
• Teleport Save Location
• Teleport to Saved Location
• No Recoil
• No Weapon Height
• Fly Hack
• No Fall Damage
• No Grenade Damage
• Chams
• You Can Choose Smaller fov than 5!
• No Smoke
• No Flash
• Always Headshot: Gold/Normal
• Recoil Control System
• TriggerBot shoots 1 second later (Because crossfire’s hitboxes are sh1t)
• Fast Defuse
• Fast Knife
• OneHit-Kill For Zombie Mode Or Mutant Etc
• Fix The Aimbot For Zombie Mode
• SpeedHack with Adjustable Speed & Toggle Key!!
• Walk Through Walls (With Toggle Key)
• Fast Reload
• Change M16 Skin or M700 Skin to something else
• Anti-Kick (It Works and i have the source! ASK ME FOR THE SOURCE ADMINS ONLY!!)
• Change Knife Skin To Any RP Knife
• Unlimited Kick Acces (Example in Search and destroy default kick max is 2, so unlimited is unlimited xD)
• NoClip (No NoClip Through walls, only fly up n sh1t like fly hack)
• Jump Hack (Jumps High)
• Shoot Through Walls
• Shoot Through Walls #2 (Shoot through walls that are possible to shoot, if ur rageing, example “Boxes”)
• Unlimited Ammo (Yes it works i saw it in a old youtube video and it worked for cf vietnam so why not in cf eu )
• More ESP Features
• More Aimbot Features
• Xtrap Bypass (So we can get unlimited RP With Cheat engine )
• XRay (You see no walls or anything)
• Hand Chams (With Customizable Colors)
• No Sky
• FakeLag (People see you have high ping but you dont and u play as normal ~ )
• WallHack (Original WallHack, so u will see ghosts without any other ESP Feature on and invisible ghost zombies)
• 100% Invisible In Ghost Mode (You will be 100% Invisible in ghost mode even if you move)
• UnderMap, you are undermap and theres a invisible platform under you so u dont fall down and die from bugdamage)
• No BugDamage (Easy to glitch )
• UnderFloor (Your body is under floor, and you see yourself walking a one level down, and people cant shoot you, yes its possible! It worked in ARX-CF So why not here )
• Kick Players (Yes it’s possible, my friend had a program that did it, very old friend..) – (Customizable Kick Player Select)
• Kick All Players (Kicks all players from the room with showing client error or something, EASYYY EXP!!)
• Teleport To Enemy Spawn (The Feature says it , it teleports to enemy Spawn!)
• New Menu With Better Gui 

So Yeah , these are my suggestions for the CrossFire Cheat, CrossFire Europe!!

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