Floorless Fortress Room Escape

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Floorless Fortress Room Escape l Version: 1.0 | Size: 27.73MB
Developers: SuneX Games | Language: English

Floorless Fortress is a challenging and addictive arcade game with over 70 levels. Avoid traps while travelling through as many rooms as you can. Collect fruits or beat a given time. In each room your main objective is to survive the room and escape through the door – ideally, with all collectable fruits or as fast as you can.

◆  Normal mode. In each room you can find up to three fruits. Get them all and escape out of the room to be rewarded with a special power-up.
◆  Time mode. Escape as fast as you can and then share your time record with your friends. Are you faster than them?
◆   High score mode. The real challenge is the high score mode. You need to collect fruits while beating a series of rooms. The further you get the higher is your score. Share your best score with your friends and show them how good you are.
◆  72 levels. Initial level is quite easy to complete, but they get more challenging with time. Levels are part of multiple worlds and game modes, thus the game will remain addictive until its last stage.
◆  6 tricky traps. While moving around in each room you’ll have to avoid falling through the missing floor tiles, being destroyed by laser-shooting statues, spiked to death and other tricky traps.
◆  7 power-ups. While playing you will be rewarded with powerful power-ups that greatly change the gameplay into your advantage.
◆  3 control options. You can control the game in three different modes, depending on which one suits you better.

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Floorless Fortress Room Escape
Floorless Fortress Room Escape
Floorless Fortress Room Escape

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" Here you can search for everything you want and you will find it as soon as possible "


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