GLU Games Coins Hack Apk


GLU Games Coins Hack v2.0 Apk

Here we bring the the GLU Coins Hack (Korean Release) app which gives you Unlimited GLU Coins to play in the GLU Games. Its easy simple and just works by one click!  It  is supported with all the GLU games.

NOTE: This Hack/App Requires no Root Access

The Hack Works with following Games : 

  • Eternity Warriors 2
  • Blood and Dlory NR & Legends
  • Frontline Commando 1
  • Frontline Commando D-Day
  • Samurai vs Zombies 1 & 2
  • and most of all the GLU games.

How to use the Hack ?

Direct Download Link

1)Install the GLU Coins Hack Apk
2)Turn OFF WIFI+Mobile data (will not work if your phone is conected to internet)
3)Open the Glu Coins Hack app and press OK.
4)Now play any of the glu game and get your full gold (Glu) coins.
5)Enjoy the Hack! :)

NOTE: In case if you get any problem then try this steps. Delete folder gwallet from Android/data/ or Clear data of the particular game and then try.






GLU Games Coins Hack v2.0 Apk (700KB) | Mirrors

For any problem comment below.

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