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Guys e2 ung hack para sa crossfire PH… nakita ko alng and uupdate ko 2 if kailngan na.

Guys e2 ung hack para sa crossfire PH… nakita ko alng and uupdate ko 2 if kailngan na.


[ Direct3D ]
Simple wallhack

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[ Weapon ]
Aim correction(Anti recoil, Off/On)
Extra damage (+5%, +10%, +15%, +20%)
Fast switch (Off/On)
Range (+300%, +500%, Max)

[ Player]
See ghosts (Off/On)
Fast walk (mini speedhack while holding Left shift)
Fall damage (75%, 50%, 25%, Remove)
HE damage (Grenade damage, 75%, 50%, 25%, Remove)
Anti flash (Off/On)
Invisible (Middle mouse button, Off/On, 5-7 seconds max)
Teleport (X1/X2/F9, F10/F11/F9; X – it’s an extended buttons on a right or left side of your mouse, X1 – save position, Х2 – teleport)
Fly in air (LShift – freeze player coord, hold Shift button for 5 seconds max; Caps lock (real) – that’s a real fly, but if you want to use it you must be invisible; tbh i didn’t recommend to use it, high chances to get client error)
WTW (Walk thru walls, LShift/Caps lock; you can compare it with teleport, but you сan’t move in the bug)

[ ESP]

1) Disable you AV/Firewall (might be not really neccessary, just can help to avoid some conflicts; for example, if i’m not setting my Comodo firewall on a game mode when i’m using hack, then i will have a “HT has been detected blah blah” after 15-20 minutes, if i set it on a game mode then it works great)

2) Launch .exe (on Win Vista/7 with administator rights!)

3) Launch the game

4) Menu must appear. If not, then:

1) Try again (sometimes it doesn’t inject on a first try)

2) Look if the dll named “tmp9854435dg.dll” extracted in a temp folder, if yes, then ->

3) Check neccessary programs. Will make a list later with links and all, now bored and i also have 3:00 am on a clock, so

I didn’t expecting that hack will be work for you because most people don’t even knows how dangerous some “VIP’s” and for me heard something like “winxp 32 doesn’t work” or “win7 x64 black screen” very annoying. Well, it can be a fail with my side, but i’m absolutelly sure that in most cases it’s happened that you using too much virused crap. If you use CFPRO then use it.

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