Harley Quinn and Deadshot Confirmed For Injustice 2

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Warner Bros. Interactive releases a new trailer for its hotly anticipated DC Comics fighting game, Injustice 2, featuring two prominent members of the Suicide Squad.

Despite the desire critics have had to pan the recent Suicide Squad film, there’s little doubt that DC Comics’s stock in those on-screen baddies has risen substantially in the wake of its release. As a result, it was really only a matter of time before those characters began to show up more prominently in other forms of media, with an appearance in the upcoming Injustice 2 being an obvious step in that direction. Evidently, Warner Bros. Interactive and NetherRealm Studios felt the same way, as the pair have confirmed the inclusion of the Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn and Deadshot in the fight title.

The latest trailer was released to coincide with the ongoing Gamescom convention in Cologne, Germany, and it showcases the various skills of each psychopath. Harley appears to be right at home with her trusty bat, as well as a couple of hyenas that are more than willing to get involved in the action. Meanwhile, Deadshot is making his core Injustice debut with a bevy of skills worthy of an assassin toting a name like his. Overall, the super villains appear to fit in perfectly – as many would have expected – and they each appear to add a unique fighting style to boot.

Those hoping to catch a glimpse of Harley Quinn and Floyd ‘Deadshot’ Lawton can check out the latest Injustice 2 trailer below.

These villains join the roster hot on the heels of a pair of heroes in Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle, so it’s been an interesting time for followers of the franchise – especially since the developer has done a rather standup job of accurately conveying the types of characters that it’s keen on featuring in the game. With an ever-widening selection of superheroes and super-villains to choose from, it’s nice to know that there are still sure to be a number of additional surprises in store for Injustice and DC fans alike in the coming months.

Furthermore, it’ll be interesting to see if additional Suicide Squad-centric baddies make the cut, as there are certainly several solid choices still left for devs to make. For example, Captain Boomerang made our list of ten characters Game Rant would like to see in Injustice 2, so DC aficionados will undoubtedly be awaiting further fighter reveals with bated breath.

Injustice 2 is currently set to arrive for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at some point in 2017.

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" Here you can search for everything you want and you will find it as soon as possible "


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