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Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money]

Join the Jelly forces now and lead them to glory in this uneven and fierce fight against the invaders! Use your tactical skills and wisdom to tip the scales of victory in your favor in order to save the Diploglobe and the Jelly nation from the agressors! That’s right, you are their only hope – the one they call the liberator, the true leader, the Jelly savior! You are the hero they deserve! Just look at these poor little creatures. They trust you, they believe in you, they rely on you. Can you refuse those big faithfull eyes (or eye)? You’re really their only hope!

Get Jelly Defense now and lose yourself in an amazing, unique and beautiful world! Build powerful towers and lead your army to battle against fantastic and demanding enemies! The most magic, addicting and surreal adventure awaits you! Jump in and become the ultimate Jelly legend!

Jelly Defense, mmm…

Improved compatibility with the latest devices.
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  • Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money] AA1GCoRv4Vye8q-CvKLAiyNfJXYQ7g_jSVB_RESaouDICL8ED7e3GhmVBx6xHawxZSI=h310-rw
  • Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money] SiWNI9UDYq3ecVskrCT_n3avPfYs9hBfLARvkKUlndvbMDqB0KJ9cHo_BU48HfKy2E1N=h310-rw
  • Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money] xnS9-r86hxdzbTSs-wDHbV3GQXyiCNYCb5VhnR_hB58xni0Ypg2kd7fpVx6D9tLivde4=h310-rw
  • Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money] zcYSN58DygCKL_xfbbz00hspxj3XxWoslaiyvq7WR-Ts79YBOSn4cCpaoFiRnhzCGE_9=h310-rw
  • Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money] x_E30FG9P-Ok-3_zT9anOJE3uVtiI7B0ba3-ub1rI3DaCO9uk3I4SjplQ7Rk9lGCKWw=h310-rw
  • Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money] kHQF5I8zKoRQayOlatgp9g_Mk6G6g4dcMDQonMl30Ot15Ji5CvwuBs-ccIKa-cATUgw=h310-rw
  • Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money] rt0ymXCQ2QoS_UelHJ62W4ZJV1xS5BHxgd6HHyWsgu5wxIc2XJrbm7J7_NNQQ6ygUQ=h310-rw
  • Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money] POr3EjCerzJ38DPebVUTecVlDE-xMOhlWwJv9iOttdHW-uv4Vjus-qz0O4YB-XQX1NZ2=h310-rw
  • Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money] JLX0yyLcNNKU3OSr8SgEeZRrRnjNNi5owNZ_Io8-p_QQiVFXZpng6Pjw5-S2bpeN5GM=h310-rw
  • Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money] l9dquw9Kot9pWR0UQ2421Ko2OygMogbpwIo88GhCUbgEGcqIrSLzWviOlQVua3tFXQ=h310-rw
  • Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money] CDNKKpctycYkvBvIt9v1fdZCNJhheBxKHaZ1gkIrF6Fuwe0PIeb0gaF-f3z8h9gmjzs=h310-rw
  • Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money] FPq6-XYYCp-m48_LMp8tYwhNXbMZovbtI-gJ81uWUT8mGFsa8jXF3ck_xdTv602zZA=h310-rw
  • Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money] M1_43Tjh3TfxX-Ae4NAqe3jr9u4VDdTWXAXqU03H_AXawMK7CnLlu-7ww3cLjqlkYYfq=h310-rw
  • Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money] DN5StXGCEkMY7WBbcQx-PLrnvDhcrzFVGVxUy1ULPfnUrS9x1hBLs_eopbrP9j8cP50=h310-rw
  • Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money] kNV1GCT3fH5cNsue2J9GD64hvwyTkaphglCF2Wd51pRyTI0FyMBNgXiusyi0WqWFGg=h310-rw
  • Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money] Gh1N6qOJuhufUXVRfeOnVqjJeziDXgakxLYL3ykSU_s08NIpWVYSfE1uDnVBvvZg_g=h310-rw
  • Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money] N-pNLRYEz94SS5EPxISIgUR83Y5hrUR0qLZJD6wPRnalNFHCcpwLcLa0rdbNe_H-18o=h310-rw
  • Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money] JV6Y9S7kEhUlcBgAe3IJCMrRIiZum_3XO7jkobyGCyWr2C2aNp9UCoePxj1WZ5tFNMng=h310-rw
  • Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money] LePTbTGVS5oJDTMiyvQUgXtNL0eKuV_VKfgrzFyAv_JJwQHyMK5kGqTiTJdCumacNw=h310-rw
  • Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money] 697Oj1lHCEoJRcCHcihAiYqD_eNGkYiFyg4Uek1MlTdAP12INfRJ0dn1AEvDD0b7PQ=h310-rw
  • Jelly Defense v1.25 + [Mod Money] CCYw30Tl-EuP5x6BaqKf9S49AGksGaJGk3_eQRXnR70UpP999UCBQdvxdONVgNT2JA=h310-rw


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