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LOST KINGDOM Jp v1.0.2 Mod Apk

Features of “Lost Kingdom”

□ ■ exhilarating mowing down the army battle! ■ □

Select from three hero the play style is different.
Nagitaoshi countless enemies in exhilarating action,
Aim the stage breakthrough!
If triggered the deadly skills, be able to wipe out the enemy!

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□ ■ realistic battlefield × dark fantasy ■ □

From the era of mythology, Asmodian and human beings fight world.
Save Eldo kingdom reached the crisis,
You can not seem to lead to peace!?

The legendary disappeared hero “Luke” our
While following the whereabouts,
Story approaching the mystery of the world!

□ ■ luxury cast that decorate the drama ■ □

Rick Cromwell (cv: Yuichi Nakamura)
“Now, kneeling in front of my sword!”
Yes up by a single sword from the bottom of hell,
Lonely gladiator.
Treat lightly the huge blade,
Crush the enemy with a force of Muso was the pinnacle of the gladiators.

Cecil media (cv: pray water Seto)
“I will fulfill this mission without fail!”
Discard the life of his hometown, I came to the kingdom
Kind-hearted Mage.
The swarms of enemies rounded up in a wide range of magic.

Maya Puradishu (cv: Ai Kayano)
“Until the end of one animal, I will hunt the Asmodian!”
They killed the family and the family of witches, warriors living in revenge.
Narrowing the sword with a breakaway movement, the mercy of the enemy.

□ ■ multi Battle of incandescent ■ □

Guild play and multiplayer stage,
Such as the brawl field, which can play simultaneously with other players
A variety of game modes. While confrontation and united front,
Let’s experience the story of the epic heroes!

In real-time of four simultaneous cooperative play
Stand up to a huge boss!

Mamorinuke a certain period of time the relics from the Asmodian!
High difficulty mode for advanced users.

4 people at the same time capture the stage with!
Aim the mission!

Up to 8 people real-time simultaneous play possible in
Battle Royale mode!

PvP battle multiplied by the rankings!
Aim the vertices of the warriors!

4vs4 battle of the guild unit.
In team play throw it to hand the name of the strongest guild!

In the town interact with other players!
It can also be used stamp in the chat!

□ ■ deep growth system ■ □

Strengthen the character in the equipment and skill level up!
How and of the skill tree growth,
Option Effect of equipment is affecting the fight.
Throw it to hand the power to survive the battlefield!

□ ■ Recommended for this! ■ □

· RPG it is like
Action If the game is like
Auto Play If you want to grow the characters in the
Role-playing game fans
A-basic free play Gotae
Looking for a game app
· If you want to steadily develop the character in solo play
Chat and who want to enjoy the exchange at the guild
– myth, fantasy,
If you like the world of dark fantasy
• 1 If you want to play the play in a short period of time
· If you want to play with other players in real time
– feel free to those who want to taste the exhilaration
Consumer, If you like PC game
· MO, who MMO likes
· If you want to start a new game

Android 4.2 or higher
※ by the terminal specifications even in the corresponding OS,
It may not be able to play.

ロストキングダム - LOST KINGDOM -
ロストキングダム - LOST KINGDOM -
ロストキングダム - LOST KINGDOM -
ロストキングダム - LOST KINGDOM -
ロストキングダム - LOST KINGDOM -
ロストキングダム - LOST KINGDOM -

Mod Menu
x10 Damage

How to install
Install original and bypass some first tutorial then install mod






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