Magicka 2 dumps a whole load of free new spells on you

Magicka 2, one of the best games ever to make you lose all of your friends, has received a free update.
For those who don’t know, Magicka’s combat revolves around
typing in spells. Each letter corresponds with a different element, and
mixing them will produce new effects (like mixing fire and water will
make a steam spell).
The latest update adds in some new type combinations: mixing water
and air will make an ice spell, whereas mixing water and death (which
isn’t what we’d consider and element, but it’s fantasy so shush) will
give you poison. Considering how many different interactions between
spells there are, the new additions add “millions of new spells”,
according to Paradox.
You can watch the trailer up above, but it all seems a bit pointless
to me. ARSE bombs are the best spell in the game, and no one can tell me
otherwise. God bless my big, exploding ARSE.
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