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MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps v3.0.125 Apk is Available !

Map Fucure is the best offline and free Android router

Supports mapping of all major cities in Iran

Map Factor is a free, powerful and, of course, offline, free router with many features including support for Farsi and Farsi spokespersons. MapFactor is best rated among free routers and its maps are very up-to-date, accurate and complete.

Free maps are OpenStreetMap or OSM. OSM maps are completely free and free of charge, and most cities in Iran are large and small, and many users are working to keep the maps up and running. According to the reviews we made, we can safely say that MapFactor is the best offline router!

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Key Features of Map Factor:

  • Totally offline!
  • Support for Persian language and spoken word
  • Detailed and detailed maps with low volumes
  • Precise and fast routing with the ability to display route details
  • Path simulation capability
  • Calculate the amount of traveled path
  • View different locations on the map (gas station, restaurant, etc.)
  • Ability to search places and determine the route
  • Ability to save favorite locations
  • Select a vehicle type
  • Alert for police cameras
  • Display GPS data and satellites
  • Ability to determine alternate route (monetary)
  • HUD capability to display road details on the front windscreen (Polly)
  • Remove Ads (Polly)

After installing and running the FTP program, you will encounter two options. Per version or free version !?

MapFactor has two free and paid maps. Money plans developed by TomTom and free maps developed by OSM. Unfortunately, TomTom does not support Iran, and the map of Iran is not listed on the map of the company, and you should use the free OSM maps. Of course, OSM maps are very accurate and complete, and there’s no problem navigating.

In our view, the only disadvantage of this program is the lack of support for traffic in Iran, which, with regard to other features of the program, can be considered at least in low-traffic cities.

Several features in the free version of the program mentioned above should be purchased to be activated. Unfortunately, the full and cracked version of this router is unavailable, and these functionality, which are very functional, are also disabled and should be purchased through the Polystyr. We are trying to provide this program for dexterous users , like the Skejck’s map , which will be announced in the near future for price and sales.

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