Microsoft Says ‘It’s Nice to Be Back on Top’ After Strong July Sales

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Aaron Greenberg, head of Xbox games marketing at Microsoft, speaks out about the company’s strong sales in July, stating that “it’s nice to be back on top.”

Although the Xbox One has often struggled against the commercial might of the PS4, there was a small victory for Microsoft when it came to July 2016’s console sales figures. According to NPD, the Xbox One was the top-selling console of the month, beating its Sony rival. Understandably, it looks as though Microsoft has counted itself as extremely happy with the news.

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Indeed, the head of Xbox games marketing at Microsoft, Aaron Greenberg, has shown his contentment when talking about the company’s July sales success. Taking to Twitter, Greenberg offered up his thanks to everyone who helped make the Xbox “the #1 selling console in July.” The Microsoft executive also stated that it was “nice to be back on top.”

Being number one in the sales figures again will no doubt be seen as a great coup by Microsoft. Although the Xbox One has not sold poorly by any means, it has been roundly beaten in terms of sales by the PS4 since the consoles both launched, with few months where Microsoft has been ahead of its fiercest competitor. Indeed, claiming victory against a console that is consistently setting impressive new sales milestones such as the PS4 is nothing to be sniffed at.

Previous Xbox One sales victories have come down to deliberate strategies from Microsoft, and July 2016’s figures are no exception. The last time that the Xbox One was on top was in October 2015’s sales figures, where the release of Halo 5: Guardians helped push the Xbox One into first place. This time around, it has been suggested that Microsoft’s showing at E3 2016, as well as a significant price drop, has made gamers want to pick up the console.

Previously, Microsoft had remained a little elusive about discussing sales figures for its console, with estimates from earlier in the year stating that there were roughly 18 million active Xbox One users. However, these new stats have certainly made the company open up a little more, with Xbox executive Mike Nichols even stating that “total gaming hours on Xbox consoles globally were up 18 percent over last year,” once July’s figures had been released by NPD.

Microsoft will no doubt be hoping that these monthly victories will continue to rack up in the near future, too. After all, the company has two new versions of the Xbox One on the horizon, and both products could prove to be enticing prospects for fans looking to upgrade, or that have yet to take the plunge into the current generation of consoles. Given the huge online prices of the Xbox One S in the UK after the 2TB edition sold out, it may well be that Microsoft gets used to this winning form.

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