Mighty No. 9 trial version delayed after being an apology for initial delay

Remember when Mighty No. 9 was delayed into 2016,
and then a trial version was promised to release today to backers as a
sort of apology for said delay? Today the official blog has announced
the trial version has a “good chance” it would miss its launch today
because of issues with the distribution method, whatever that means. 
So the Mighty No. 9 team waited to announce the delay for
the full game at the last minute after everyone basically already had
been told by retailers it was delayed, and then waited until mid day of
the trial version’s release date to sneak news about a possible delay into the end of a blog about some contest.
Bravo, Mighty No. 9 team
and Inafune, you’ve somehow managed to basically alienate every person
who backed your game by not only doubling up on last minute delays, but
also by announcing another game’s Kickstarter during it.

So do we get a trial version of the trial version as an apology for
the delay of the trial version? Will that version be delayed mere
seconds prior to release as well? WHEN WILL THE CYCLE END!?

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