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  • DOWNLOAD (5.35 Mb) After downloading .zips file rename the file to .zip
    and open it with any compression program


Activating this trainer:
Press F1 INGAME.
Listen for ‘Trainer Activated’.

Editor Options:
Selected Item: ID
Selected Item: Quantity
Selected Ammo: ID
Selected Ammo: Quantity
Selected Material: ID
Selected Material: Quantity
Selected Equipment: Base ID
Selected Equipment: Upgrade ID
Player -> Basics: Name
Player -> Basics: Hunter Rank
Player -> Basics: Funds (Z Currency)
Player -> Basics: Points
Player -> Basics: Hunter EXP
Player -> Basics: Playtime (Seconds)
Player -> Appearance: Skin Color
Player -> Appearance: Eye Height
Player -> Appearance: Eye Width
Player -> Appearance: Mouth Height
Player -> Appearance: Nose Height
Player -> Appearance: Wrinkles
Player -> Appearance: Age
Player -> Appearance: Sex
Player -> Appearance: Nose
Player -> Appearance: Eyes
Player -> Appearance: Face
Player -> Appearance: Brow Type
Player -> Appearance: Mouth
Player -> Appearance: Eyebrows
Player -> Appearance: Eyelash Length
Player -> Appearance: Facial Hair
Palico -> Appearance: Fure Color
Palico -> Appearance: Fure Length
Palico -> Appearance: Fure Thickness
Palico -> Appearance: Pattern
Palico -> Appearance: Eyes
Palico -> Appearance: Ears
Palico -> Appearance: Tail
Palico -> Appearance: Voice
Palico -> Appearance: Voice Pitch
Selected Equipment – EXCHANGE / WIPE: Base ID
Selected Equipment – EXCHANGE / WIPE: Upgrade ID


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Selected Item / Ammo / Material: Mouse HOVER the item in your item pouch, then tab out and make your changes. For streamstones and jewels add them to a MATERIAL slot. Then start a mission and complete it and they will be added as loot and become available (thanks @pelgrim).

Selected Equipment: Go to your item box and click on ‘Change Equipment’ and mouse HOVER the equipment in the right grid, then tab out and make your changes. The ‘Base ID’ defines the type of equipment while the ‘Upgrade ID’ defines the upgrade/quality of the item. You must mouse over the item again to see changes. Be careful, entering IDs which dont exist in the game will result in a crash.

Player Stats: You should be able to edit it after editor activation. No instructions required.

Hunter Rank: Editing rank directly will delay the level up. To avoid this you should rather modify the Hunter EXP and then complete a mission.

Wipe Item / Ammo / Material / Equipment Slots: If you accidently added a broken item which remains on restarts and crashes your game at certain moments this editor lets you wipe / reset the slots. First mouse hover a slot next to the faulty slot, switch to wipe tab on editor and press the button, tab ingame and mouse hover the item slot. Tab back to editor and press button again. Equipment cannot be wiped instead only exchanged. Therefore enter VALID ids into the wipe equipment editor items first. Now do the same as described before.

Appearance: You must save the game, go back to main menu and load your savegame before you see changes. To figure out the desired value, create a new character with the desired appearance and then write down the values from the editor.

Monster Hunter: World - Super Editor (08.20.2018) {}

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