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    and open it with any compression program


Activating this trainer:

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Press F1 at main menu.

Listen for ‘Trainer Activated’.

Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.


Trainer Options:

Numpad 1: Unlimited Nitrous

Numpad 2: Mega Money

Numpad 3: Freeze Cars

 Fast Click Here To Download 

Numpad 4: Cars Spinout

Numpad 5: Super Brakes

Numpad 6: Freeze Time

Numpad 7: Save Location

Numpad 8: Super Acceleration

Numpad 9: Teleport

Numpad 0: Super Jump



Numpad 1: Unlimited Nitrous – toggle on and many cars will have unlimited Nitrous Boost.

Numpad 2: Mega Money – To use this option, you need to be far enough into the story that you have earned some money and can go into the Garage to spend it.  To use this, make sure you are not in a mission and are free to drive around, for instance when you are at the Airfield home base.  Next, press TAB to see the amount of money you have.  Press the option, then press TAB to return back to driving, then press TAB again to see the value has changed.  To LOCK in the value, you need to force a save by starting a mission, or by going into the garage to buy something or sell something or pay for a fast travel.

Numpad 3: Freeze Cars – toggle on and the trainer will try to make cars in your immediate vicinity still or unable to drive correctly.

Numpad 4: Cars Spinout – toggle on and the trainer will try to send the cars in your vicinity into a spin.

Numpad 5: Super Brakes – while driving, press this key to brake your car faster than normal.  The value used for braking is displayed in the trainer.

Numpad 6: Freeze Time – some missions there is a timer countdown that will drop at you are going and you will fail the mission if you run out of time.  Toggle this on to freeze that timer.  However, some missions have scripts or there are events that occur as time goes on, so this option is best left OFF until it is getting near zero, then toggle it on to prevent failing.  Once you reach FINISH, it’s best to toggle it back OFF to prevent missing cutscenes and etc.  This option is best used when you are having trouble reaching the finish on tough missions. It’s actually stopping the passage of TIME, not just the TIMER, so only use if necessary and toggle back OFF when not needed.

Numpad 7: Save Location – while driving, press this key to save your current position in the game world.  The trainer will try to save your current speed and direction as well, so you can sometimes use this right before you reach the first checkpoint of a race or mission and then use the teleport option to give you a head start on that race or mission.  Otherwise lock a location that you know you want to get back to quickly and then use Teleport to teleport there.

Numpad 8: Super Acceleration – while driving, press this key to accelerate your car faster than normal.  The value used for acceleration is displayed in the trainer.

Numpad 9: Teleport – make sure you used Save Location first, then use this option to Teleport to that location.

Numpad 0: Super Jump – while driving, press this key to vault your car into the air.  The value used for jumping is displayed in the trainer.

Need for Speed: Payback - Trainer +9 PATCH 01 (ORIGIN FULL GAME) {CheatHappens.com}

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" Here you can search for everything you want and you will find it as soon as possible "


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