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New Update hack crossfire 13/03/2018


[ Direct3D ]
Simple wallhack

[ Weapon ]
Aim correction(Anti recoil, Off/On)
Extra damage (+5%, +10%, +15%, +20%)
Fast switch (Off/On)
Range (+300%, +500%, Max)

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[ Player]
See ghosts (Off/On)
Fast walk (mini speedhack while holding Left shift)
Fall damage (75%, 50%, 25%, Remove)
HE damage (Grenade damage, 75%, 50%, 25%, Remove)
Anti flash (Off/On)
Invisible (Middle mouse button, Off/On, 5-7 seconds max)
Teleport (X1/X2/F9, F10/F11/F9; X – it’s an extended buttons on a right or left side of your mouse, X1 – save position, Х2 – teleport)
Fly in air (LShift – freeze player coord, hold Shift button for 5 seconds max; Caps lock (real) – that’s a real fly, but if you want to use it you must be invisible; tbh i didn’t recommend to use it, high chances to get client error)
WTW (Walk thru walls, LShift/Caps lock; you can compare it with teleport, but you сan’t move in the bug)

[ ESP]

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