No Man’s Sky PC Players Report Major Issues

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Hello Games’ space-exploration epic No Man’s Sky has finally launched on PC, but many players report that the game is running less than smoothly, even on high-end PCs.

After years of development – and some unpleasant last-minute delays – Hello Games’ space-exploration epic No Man’s Sky has finally been released to all PlayStation 4 and PC gamers. Given the game’s ambition and its 18 quintillion planets, some launch day issues were to be expected, to the point where a day one patch was required. Despite the various issues, the launch has generally been very successful on the PlayStation 4. As for the PC though, it appears that there are considerably more problems than simple frame rate drops.

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While connection issues have not been a problem due to the use of a PC-specific server, many players have reported on Steam that there have been some serious performance issues for the PC version of No Man’s Sky. In the one day since the game was launched for PC, gamers have experienced a wide range of problems – such as poor graphics, severe lagging, and constant crashing – even for those running the game on a high-end PC.

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Due to the game engine and complex algorithms used in No Man’s Sky, pinpointing the cause of all these problems have been difficult for PC owners, and it appears that turning down the graphics settings to low or medium only partially improves the game’s performance. At the time of writing, a patch as already come out to address the generically low frame-rate issue, but there are still countless problems present according to the many Steam reviews.

Hello Games founder Sean Murray has previously stated that he expects the game to be “super divisive” and not everyone will like No Man’s Sky, but it appears that any aversion to the title is increasingly due to technical issues rather than content. Murray has stated that a patch for the PlayStation 4 version of No Man’s Sky is currently being worked on, and given the severity of the problems that PC players are experiencing, we can certainly expect a big fix for the PC version of the game very soon.

Despite the various technical issues, it is still early days for No Man’s Sky and the window to fix these problems is still open. Given that the game was one of 2016’s most anticipated games prior to its release, and rumors that No Man’s Sky could come to the Xbox One, let’s give Hello Games the benefit of the doubt for now and hope that the game can be fixed in a timely manner.

No Man’s Sky is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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