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NORTHGARD: TRAINER +9 V1.4.10764 (10.03.2018)

  • DOWNLOAD (643.63 Kb) After downloading .zips file rename the file to .zip
    and open it with any compression program



Using this Trainer:

Launch the trainer first, then launch the Game and then Press F1 at the Main Menu.

Listen for “Activated”.

Press desired option key


Options in Promo:

Numpad 8: Max Fame



Numpad 1: Add Food
Numpad 2: Add Gold
Numpad 3: Add Wood
Numpad 4: Unlimited Population/Warband/Scouts
Numpad 5: Instant New Villagers
Numpad 6: Mega Lore
Numpad 7: Mega Stone and Iron
Numpad 8: Max Fame
Numpad 9: Faction Color Number



Numpad 1: Add Food – each press gives max food amount.

Numpad 2: Add Gold – each press adds more.

Numpad 3: Add Wood – each press adds more.

Numpad 4: Unlimited Villagers – toggle on and you can create more villagers than the max. Keep in mind that the game WILL crash if you make 1000’s of units.

Numpad 5: Instant New Villagers – click on your TOWN HALL and leave it there. Toggle this on and your villagers are created very quickly. Make sure to stay on the TOWN HALL while doing this. Toggle back OFF from the TOWN HALL when done. You can quickly create a bunch of workers and etc. this way or use this to make villagers to convert to scouts and warriors, etc.

Numpad 6: Mega Lore – press to give plenty of Lore.

Numpad 7: Mega Stone and Iron – press to give plenty of Stone and Iron.

Numpad 8: Max Fame – toggle on and your FAME is maxxed out.

Numpad 9: Faction Color Number – while in the game, you can change this number then press the option to set the faction which is affected by the trainer.  the numbers correspond to the following:









Northgard: Trainer +9 v1.4.10764 (10.03.2018) {}

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