Pokemon GO Egg Glitch Makes Gyms Unbeatable

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A new troublesome glitch in Pokemon GO lets players occupy gyms without any fear of losing a Pokemon battle and, in turn, earn an endless source of Pokecoins.

Beware Pokémon GO players, there’s a new glitch in town and it’s not pretty. While most glitches have benefited players on an individual level or made it difficult to find nearby Pokémon, this latest glitch can impact an entire group of players and there’s really nothing they can do to combat it.

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For those who might not have seen it already, there is a new glitch in Pokémon GO that lets players put an egg into a gym. Normally a gym can only hold one Pokémon of the player’s choosing (and a handful from different players), but somehow some players have discovered a way to put eggs in gyms instead.

What makes this so problematic is that eggs in Pokémon GO are obviously not Pokémon – they are not designed to fight so they don’t have a move-set and they don’t have any CP. In essence, eggs are unbeatable once they occupy a gym.

Once in control of a gym, a player can earn Pokecoins, the in-game currency in Pokémon GO, without fear of ever losing their gym. In fact, other players from the same team can apparently occupy the gym alongside the egg and benefit from the glitch. And they too can earn coins without worry.

In a game where players can earn currency and upgrade without spending any real world money, any exploit that gives someone access to currency and without any real punishment becomes a problem. So be aware if you happen to see a gym with an egg and if possible try to report that player.

While developer Niantic has yet to comment on the glitch, it’s hard to imagine the studio doesn’t know about it by now. With a game like Pokémon GO, one where millions upon millions have and continue to play, there is a very vocal majority. In other words, hopefully Niantic can fix the glitch before more players figure out how it works and control gyms across the world.

By now there are likely dozens of items on Niantic’s to-do list when it comes to fixes, new features, and ways to tweak the game. Unfortunately, the focus seems to be on improving server stability and rolling the game out to every territory first, and therefore things that may improve the experience on a feature level have been put on the back burner. However, with something like this the hope is that Niantic will act fast before the gym egg glitch becomes a more prevalent problem.

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Pokémon GO is available now on Android and iOS.

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