Pre-Order Is Start For The VIPER Started 3/12 Done 9/12 Get it now – CF NA

Attention Mercenaries,

There’re new rumblings in the mercenary world, rumors of a trio of deadly sisters that have managed to outclass every force they’ve come across. Well, thanks to some intensive investigation we managed to contact them. Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing… the VIPER sisters.

Starting December 3rd and leading up to December 9th, in anticipation of the launch of 2.0, we will be starting to take pre-orders for the new VIPER VIP characters.

All packages available during this period will come included with 5 items:
– M4A1-S-Liquid Metal (30 days)
– 10x Imported Power Crates
– 1x In Game Name Change
– 10 x Revive Tokens
– Mutation Jacket (30 days)

Pack 1 – First Time Buyers:
If you’ve never purchased a VIP before, then now is as good a time to start as any. Pre-ordering the VIPER character during this time will only cost 64,000 ZP which comes to a 20% discount.

Pack 2 – Returning VIPs:
If you’ve purchased any of the previous VIPs that were available, then you are in luck. Pre-ordering the VIPER character during this period will cost 52,000 ZP which comes to a 35% discount.

Pack 3 – VIPER + M4A1-S-Jewelry Package:
Did you already have your eye on the M4A1-S-Jewelry? Well if that’s the case then have we got a deal for you. You can purchase the VIPER character and the M4A1-S-Jewelry together for the grand total of 116,000 ZP, a 28% discount.

These femme fatales won’t keep their contract price low for long though. These pre-orders will end on December 9th, so make sure you contract them before the price jumps back to normal.

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