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Quick Tips on Playing Warrior

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Heroes have been saying that Warrior is not as strong as they think and cast less skill damage than Ninja and Dragon Warrior. Here are some tips to play Warrior.
1.You need to equip TortoiseGem and boost defense by several means such as Chi, Jiang Hu, Inner Power and Perfection. Meanwhile, you need to lift your HP up to above 5w;
2.While PK, you need to start Backfire, which could cast twice the damage. For example, if others hit you and cause 2W damage, he will receive 4W damage.
3.Work with Shield and increase the defense by 4 times and clear other status for 35 seconds, then others could not break your defense.
4.If you are accidently killed, you would use Twist of War and retain the caster’s XP upon revival.
Killing Monsters, Guild War and Hitting Boss:
1.While you are in Guild War, Capture the Flag, Cross-Server CTF or killing monsters, you could use Maniac Dance which makes the caster immune to physical attacks and deals 100% continuous damage to the enemies within 5 paces (200% damage to monsters) for 15 seconds.
2.In Guild War or CTF, if the caster is a Warrior equipped a pair of Fists, use Superman skill and inflict 5X more damage on BOSS and buildings for 35 seconds.
The last secret told would be that every time Wave of Blood is used, Warrior receives grants +15 XP. Dragon Warrior and Ninja don’t.

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