Report error Dying Light The Following v1.12.0 Plus 35 Trainer

" Here you can search for everything you want and you will find it as soon as possible "
Download Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition v1.12.0 Plus 35 Trainer by fling.Dying Light The Following flingtrainers

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Trainer Options:

Home – Trainer Activation

F1 – Infinite Health
F2 – Infinite Stamina
F3 – Unbreakable Weapons
F4 – Ammo / No Reload
F5 – Infinite Items
F6 – Infinite Throwables
F7 – Infinite Cockpicks
F8 – Add Cash/Money
F9 – Mega Survior Rank XP
F10 – Mega Ability XP
F11 – Mega Power XP
F12 – Mega Legend XP

Numpad 0 – Unlock All Weapons / Items
Numpad 1 – Toggle Day And Night
Numpad 2 – Freeze Challenge Timer
Numpad 3 – Set Custom Level Input
Numpad 4 – Set Skill Points

Ctrl + O – Instant Grapple Hook Cooldown
Ctrl + P – Super Grapple Hook
Ctrl + V – Bigger Backpack Size
Ctrl + B – Infinite Battery Duration
Ctrl + K – Mega Player

End – One Hit Kill
Delete – Stealth / Invisible
Page Up – Speed Up
Page Down – Bullet Time / Slowmotion

Number 6 – Super Speed
Number 7 – Super Jump
Number 8 – Store Location
Number 9 – Teleport
Number 0 – Undo Teleportation
Insert – Do Waypoint Teleportation

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" Here you can search for everything you want and you will find it as soon as possible "


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