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Rolling Mouse – Hamster Clicker 1.4.2 Android Mod Hack APK Download

Rolling Mouse – Hamster Clicker 1.4.2 Android Mod Hack APK Download

★short rationalization of Rolling Mouse★

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[Various hamster friends] collect a complete of 15 animals. house mouse, panda mouse, squirrel, roborovskii, golden hamster, mouse, dwarf hamster, guinea pig, hedgehog, gerbil, flying squirrel, rabbit, Rat, Chinchilla and Capybara pals will be part of you.
The greater the animals you acquire, the greater strength you produce.

[Electricity generation] – faucet: Make energy by way of tap the display. tap performance increases when the treadwheel level will increase.
– Animal: energy technology in keeping with 2nd inclines when the animal degree is going up.
– part-time task: to be had from animal degree 50. Your profit will increase with the boom within the number of times you do a part-time task.
– Land, landmark: The price rises slowly because you buy it, and you may make earnings by using promoting it.

[Decorations / Stats of all your items will be summed up and reflected in!] – gown: increases the stats of an animal.
– indoors: An animal’s stats go up because it moves to a higher house.
– meals bowl: increases the buff period.

[Sunflower farm] Sunflower seeds are high-price items.
in case you improve sunflowers in the sunflower farm, you may harvest seeds after a period of time.
accumulate the harvested seeds and purchase diverse decorations.


[Secret fun] – faucet or drag animals resting at the ground.
– if you put a costume on an animal, it’s going to act otherwise.
– sometimes, hamster friends get scared when a cat is available in. tap the cat and power it out of the house.
– A spider that movements without making a legitimate takes hamster friends away. A lucky bag will drop if you touch the spider and chase it off.

Name: Rolling Mouse – Hamster Clicker
Category: Android Simulation Games
Game Type: Simulation
Release Date: 06.11.2017
Language: English
Size: 53,90 MB
Company: FUNgry
File Type: .apk

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