Set aside almost 40 hours to completely beat the new Tomb Raider

fair contingent of game-players equate the amount of #content in a game
to whether or not it’s a “good deal.” It’s a mindset that has always
struck me as odd. I’ll take a streamlined shorter game over an unfocused
sprawl any day (ironic, as this is coming from an annual player of
whatever the new Assassin’s Creed is). Not everyone feels the same way.
As such, conversations about how long games are can be important to
some people. They want to make sure they’re getting their money’s worth
in terms of both quantity and (hopefully) quality.
If you’re a curious party, Rise of the Tomb Raider will take around 40 hours to complete everything. Lead designer Mike Brinker confirmed this with Pixel Vulture recently
at EGX. He said “Expect to spend around 30 to 40 hours getting
everything done. This is gathering every weapon, ability, and completing
every sidequest. It all comes down to how you want to play through the
game. Running through the game will take you around 15 to 20 hours. So
expect double the play time collecting everything and exploring every
secret tomb.”
Seeing as how this is a Tomb Raider game, it’d feel awfully
disingenuous critical-pathing it and skipping the tombs. That’s
certainly not in the spirit of Lara’s previous adventures. We’ll go
ahead and put you down for the full 40 hours, okay?
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