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So, Super Mario Maker is
finally out, and I can only assume people are hard at work creating
their own levels. Thankfully the pointless “nine-day” wait function is
now gone, so you can access every tool available in a few hours.
To speed up this process, you’ll want to use every new object at
least once in a map (you can use a dummy level to make it go even
quicker), and then create a giant blob of blocks somewhere in the stage.
Press L (not ZL, the trigger) to copy that block formation, then press
ZL to paste it. If you go crazy the next set of objects should unlock
relatively quickly. The game will erroneously state that the content
will arrive “tomorrow,” but Nintendo hasn’t patched out the old message
As for me, I stuck to the basics, with a Goomba theme with the level
“Goomba’s Paradise.” If you want to try it out, enter the ID in the
picture above! Feel free to share your levels for launch week, and use
this as an ongoing tool to access community creations.
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