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SHAREit v3.10.2 APK DOWNLOAD – [Latest Android + Windows Application]

The fastest way to share photos, apps, and more on all devices is that you do not need an extra mobile Internet connection or use WiFi.

SHAREit: File Sharing, Transfer is a famous file transfer file transfer using WiFi for Android phones and tablets. Today, the sharing and transfer of file types such as photos, apps, games, information files, videos, clips, etc. has become very important and very useful, so that any software or company that is easier, faster, and cheaper. It will offer more affordability to virtual world users. Today we are going to introduce one of these popular file sharing applications. Sharday, as its name suggests, is a file sharing software, but what features does it differentiate from the rest of its software vendors?Shard is the fastest way to share photos, apps, and more on all devices so that you do not have to pay extra for mobile Internet or WiFi! With the help of this application, you can not only move your files between different Android phones, but also download the software released for Windows, you can transfer your files between Android platform and your desktop system.

Download SHAREit file sharing program

SHAREit: File Sharing, Transfer is provided by the developer SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd for Android users, and has gained superb 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play and with over 100 million official downloads, one of the best options available for Transferring various files via Wi-Fi between different devices.

SHAREit features: File Transfer, Sharing

– All file sharing: photos, videos, clips, music, phone numbers and even apps

– Devices that have this program will automatically find the other one if they are together for a certain distance

– Very high speed transfer files (40 times faster Bluetooth speed)

– Ability to transfer high volume files

– No internet usage and additional charges using wireless

– Ability to share the software to the rest

– Support group sharing for up to 5 users simultaneously

– A rugged competitor to the AirDrop software and even with better features

Changes to version 3.10.2

– Added section “Popular movies and music”

– Bug fixes and details optimization

Changes Version 3.9.78:

– Ability to check directly updates the area’s portal sharing friends

– Added 8 new avatars

Changes Version 3.8.34:

– Enhancing Shared Details

– Fixed a bug in the storage space cleaning section

Changes Version 3.8.16:

– Added new sharing feature

Changes Version 3.8.8:

– Added internal music player

– Added reminder function of the remaining files

– Bug fixes and performance improvements

Changes Version 3.7.8:

– Internal video player to open direct downloaded videos

– Added file management for analyzing and managing all applications

Changes Version 3.6.88:

– Supports selecting file page by clicking on the file

– Fix some bugs to improve file transfer experience

– Support for sending text files by taking photos andalso sending any file

Changes Version 3.6.78:

– Ability to check unwanted files at any moment

– Supports copying texts from downloaded files

– Fix some file transfer failures

Changes Version 3.6.58:

– Fixed a bug of crashing the application on a number of handsets

– Fixed a bug of hide images downloaded in the gallery

– Added additional file cleaner feature to access more storage space

– Urdu language impersonation

Changes Version 3.6.28:

– Fix crashing problem on some phones

– Fix the problem of not displaying images received in the gallery on some phones

– Freeing more memory space by program

Changes Version 3.6.14:

– Optimize transmission speed

– Added Ultra Fast Speed ​​mode

– File transfer 5x faster if supported on both devices (Android 6 and above).

Changes Version 3.6.8:

– Added the “Search in internal files” feature to the “send” module.

– Direct play of music from the program (requires activating the LISTENit function from the side menu)

– User Interface Optimization

Changes Version 3.5.96:

– Improved ” PC connection” function

– Whitelist added: With this feature you will not miss another favorite game or program.

– Added new sections “Music Player” and “Video Vault”

Changes Version 3.5.78:

– Added “language” overlay in settings

– Get the higher version and most popular apps for free from your friends

– Added memory information used for downloaded files

– Fixed a bug of some bugs

Changes Version 3.5.53_ww:

– Added  Recent Devices  feature – View the “History” of a particular friend

– Added “Downloaded Files” feature – Easily manage downloaded files.

– Update “Connect to PC ” function – Scan QR codefor connection

– Fix some bugs of the app

Changes Version 3.5.38_ww:

– 30% smaller size and faster data transfer

– Brand new UI design

– Much more stable , especially for devices with low memory

  • Name: SHAREit: File Transfer, Sharing
  • Version: 3.10.2
  • Android version required: 2.2
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No
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