Sign up for EA’s Need for Speed beta

The new Need for Speed reboot is one of those always-online abominations, so you can bet your sweet ass there is going to be a beta. Gotta stress test those severs/promote that product.
If you’d like to take the racer for a spin prior to its November 3 release, (Why not?) you can sign up right here,
though there is no guarantee of getting in. Also, you should know that
while the game is coming to PC, this particular beta will only be taking
place on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
The registration process will run until September 25, after which
time new prospective testers will no longer be able to enter the
lottery. There’s currently no word on when testing will commence.
Side note: I love when every promo image includes a watermarked logo,
with publishers fearing that without one folks might mistake their game
for another non-distinctive member of the same genre.
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